Angel Garcia

Professional Photographer

At a wedding, you can always find me in the thick of the action. I thrive in high-energy environments. Taking charge and giving good direction has always been my strength. I’m continually looking for that epic shot and when I find it you will be sure to know by my excitement and joy. Everyone’s story is so unique and interpreting it in a visual medium provides endless opportunities for me to be creative.

Angel Garcia, Wedding Photographer & Videographer

My clients hire me because I infuse their personality and vision with stellar photography and videography skills. I utilize the latest lighting techniques and innovative post-processing methods to create unforgettable images and videos, no matter the lighting conditions. I consider myself a journalist and an artist, combining them into one role to deliver your memories back to you, encapsulated for generations to come. I knew I wanted to be my own boss and put all my creative energy to good use. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Since beginning my photo career, I’ve learned how to deliver all of a client’s needs–just check out my 5-star Google reviews. There are over 50! I am the owner of the business and the lead photographer/videographer. I am assisted by my wife Reesa who helps with a lot of behind the scenes projects, like the blog, wedding albums, and occasionally second shooting with me.

My Style

Photography is an art almost as technical as it is aesthetic. The balance of light, shadow, and focus, in addition to the creative elements of poses, color, and mood makes photography an exciting endeavor. In each session, I develop an environment that builds natural rapport between myself and the subjects, giving clients the creative freedom to be who they are. I have a naturally outgoing personality, so I will get you laughing and having a good time, even if you hate the idea of getting your photo taken. One of my biggest strengths is working with light. I’ve mastered the use of off camera flash, meaning that I can create light where it doesn’t exist, balance out harsh midday shadows, and catch all the fun on a darkened dance floor. Of course I also love working with natural light, but I’m proud to say I’m not limited by it. I use a variety of programs to finalize your images or videos, and they allow me to remove background distractions, smooth over blemishes, and correct the color. I am proud of the variety of ways my clients can use their photos, whether is is a wedding album, a display canvas on the wall, or printed photos. I strive to be a one-stop shop for engagements, ceremonies, and receptions, making your photographic process streamlined and easy.

Connect with me on Social Media

You can usually find me on Instagram stories showcasing behind the scenes of weddings I’m currently shooting. I take my followers along with me, giving you access to all the unique aspects of a wedding day.